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Just like you, and everyone else in this world, I have had my ups and downs. I have struggled to put food on the table and keep a roof over my head. I have also battled cancer and other diseases and I didn’t like it each time it happened!

Thankfully my parents taught me how to find people to be around who were successful so I could learn how they overcame obstacles and then emulate them. I follow that same philosophy today!

I have had a very diverse career and have lost significant savings/investments and have also struggled with illness, but because of this philosophy I have been able to recover each time and am in full health and prosperity again.

My business career started in Banking/Finance and quickly moved to the technology side of that business. After a layoff due to a merge I started a technology consulting business and later accepted a job as the CIO of a healthcare organization. After that I accepted a job as CIO of a Network Hardware company.

After the 3rd time I was laid off from a traditional job, I decided “Corporate America” wasn’t for me any more – so I started a marketing and ad agency that grew and became successful for 13 years. I sold it and retired from that business in 2014 so I could spend more time with my family and teach others the Keys to Live Happy.


I have a BIG AUDACIOUS “WHY”/goal – it is this: To find at least 100 people who desire to make a significant difference in this world by living happy and learning the skills to make that a permanent reality in their lives – Then for each of them to mentor 100 to do the same, who will mentor 100 each and replicate this through 6+ generations. I strongly believe when each of us takes full responsibility for the world we create around ourselves every moment of every day – there will be no more fear. In the absence of fear there is only unconditional love – This will end all wars and bring peace, health and prosperity to every person on this planet.

My hope is this site will give everyone a recipe for success, whether they are interested in joining me as one of my 100 – or simply apply these principles to their existing career and personal life to grow into a leader that helps others do the same.

I welcome your thoughts and testimonials here for others to view. I wish for you to become the best at whatever you desire in your life, and hope these musings will be useful for you to get there!

There are many articles I have published over the past few years. Many are in my BLOG on this site. One I recommend you see first is my article on the Keys To Live Happy, and then to read my article on 20 Habits of Successful People. Check them out and see if you agree.

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