This web site along with my Personal Philosophy is intended to be a source of inspiration. I hope these tidbits of my life’s journey will serve as an inspiration to all who read them, and that my experience in business and in life will benefit others by helping them bring clarity of purpose and align others’ outside perception to their inside reality.

Your comments and debates are welcome as long as you remain civil. I sincerely hope others will benefit from my musings and postings on this site.

My Own Philosophy:

I love life and especially enjoy making new friends all over the world. I would like to share my basic philosophy with you here. This philosophy drives me in all my endeavors personally and professionally.

I believe that awareness doesn’t begin when we are born into this world, but has no beginning and no end. I believe each of us created our own set of circumstances in this existence we call “life”.  Each of us has our own unique journey that is designed by us to experience every moment in a way that ultimately brings us back to the awareness of being one with all that exists.

The age old question that humans have debated ever since our brain became aware of “life” is, when does life actually begin?  Quantum theory makes that answer scientifically simple. The moment a wave of energy influences a particle into action life begins for that particle. We must assume, then, that anything that we can physically see, touch, smell, taste or hear is alive. That includes molecules/atoms like dust, dirt, sand or any other inanimate object – As well as things we perceive as alive like amoeba, viruses, bacteria, plants and animals. Humans are an animal that has evolved to a high level of intelligence and reasoning. It seems to me the debate about when life begins is actually a debate about when a life becomes sentient.

A sentient being is one who perceives and responds to sensations of whatever kind—sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell or thought. Sentient ultimately comes from the Latin verb sentire, which means “to feel” or “to perceive,” and is related to the noun sensus, meaning “sense.” A human evolves in it’s mother’s womb and can only ultimately become an independent human at the time of birth. That infant cannot be fully sentient until around 2 years after birth. These are critical years when every effort of the parents and community surrounding them can teach them how to communicate their growing awareness, and how love can overcome every fear. As an infant thrives and grows into full awareness of being as an independent entity, then learning how to navigate life using essential skills can help them evolve into self-sustained individuals. Without those skills, the adult will suffer from the struggles we each must endure in this lifetime.

One of the clearest explanations about the human brain and how it functions is by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, in her book “Whole Brain Living”. She helps us understand how our brain can be broken down into four characters. Until this explanation I always believed from other sources that we were only 3 characters – beginning with my early religious teachings about “The Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. This was reinforced when studying non-Christian religions and other philosophers. With this new view from Dr. Taylor, and the knowledge gained from the study of Quantum Physics, I have changed my view. The fourth character, described by Dr. Taylor, as right-brain thinking is actually a direct Source connection inside each of our own physical bodies. Sadly, we are taught and “conditioned” from age two until the age 8 to forget, deny and disbelieve that connection, and replace it with anything but the truth.

Relationships are an integral part of my physical journey in this lifetime. I once believed the only thing I can take with me when I leave this plane (when my body dies) are the memories of relationships I have developed in this lifetime. These relationships include people, animals and places I visit and live. I have changed that belief because I now understand that memories are part of our human experience. Those specific memories die when our body dies. I now believe we all have the power to communicate directly with Source Flow Energy at any time. This means we can call upon those who have died and connect with Source Energy to have conscious communication with them, and learn from that pool of memory. To activate this energy we simply need to learn skills to bring those memories into our own reality. We are always connected to Source Flow Energy, which means we are all connected to each other on that level. This is what makes the words spoken of by Jesus the Christ, “I AM”, completely clear to me.

This thinking drives me to be continuously learning how to make my relationships be the best they can be. I am working every hour of every day to let go of all expectations. That’s NOT an easy task! If I have no expectations, then I can’t be hurt by anyone or anything – and I can accept all things and all people as they are and love them unconditionally. I know it may seem like that belief may prevent one from striving to improve, but in my case that doesn’t work. I strive to become the most genuine and loving person I can be every day of my life. A daily question to myself is “How may I best serve my fellow human beings?”

Out of My Control

This extends to the belief that the only thing I can control in my universe is how I react to my surroundings – and, that what comes to me, in any form, was invited/created by me for the purpose of learning and growing into a person who loves unconditionally – And by so doing, bring healing and peace into this time and space from our infinite universal Source.

The path I have chosen has been an interesting evolution for me – filled with interesting and beautiful relationships. I have gone from Christian to studies of all major religions and have landed as an Agnostic Atheist. When I am asked what I believe today I respond with these beliefs:

Who is Source?

The Source of all creation, no matter how we perceive it, is unconditional love. Source cannot judge because there is no duality with Source. There is no beginning or end, no good or bad/evil; No right or wrong; No heaven or hell outside of this timeline in which we have chosen to live for this moment in Eternity.

Most religions create a name for this Source (God, Allah, Elohim, Jehovah, Yahweh, Brahman and Aum). Others use lesser-god names to break down different parts of the “one God” (names like: Vishnu, Ganesha, Shiva, Apollo, Hermes, Zeus, and many others). These all fall short of Source, because Source is not an entity – it is a flow of energy from which all things exist in eternity. Even the use of “Universe” is a finite thing, and therefore is not sufficient to describe Source.

I believe that a religion is simply one person’s interpretation of the source of unconditional love, whose interpretation is adopted, believed and followed by more than one person.

Any time a religion specifies how one must behave in order to reach Source it simply reinforces the false-belief that we are separate from Source.

We are all connected to Source at all times – It is only our perception that we are separated. THAT perception is all that keeps us away from Source’s continuous flow of abundance in all its forms (including happiness, peacefulness, relationships, health and even commerce/money).

We are all striving on some level to bring back what we have been taught to forget about Source, and there is no right or wrong way to bring back that clean connection. All of them are valid to help bring full awareness into our lives.

When we come to understand that time, as most of us perceive it, is not reality; then we will wake up with a fully restored understanding of Source. A term used by many is “Transcendent”.

Navigating Life

It’s sometimes been difficult for me to see how polarized relationships have been for me because of my beliefs, but I have remained consistent in my desire and drive throughout this lifetime, and know that I will continue to evolve until the veil that hides my awareness from Source is completely lifted. I know this will eventually happen as long as I keep my focus on striving to love everyone unconditionally.

I have friends and family who are as close with me today as they were more than 50 years ago. Also  dear friends who have come and gone but I still love them as deeply today as I did when we first met. I am sad when they leave my day-to-day life, but always have respect for their need to focus on what they believe to be best for themselves. I’m always prepared to welcome our meeting again whenever the opportunity presents itself – And when it does, it seems to me that no time has passed at all since our last meeting – No matter how long it’s been.

Total Awareness

I believe we are all on a life-journey to learn how to be fully aware of Source Energy and how connected we are to everything in it. I remind myself throughout each day that I am simply an observer and student of the experiences each moment brings. The conversation my sister was having with my mother the morning my mother left her body and this life behind epitomizes her teachings and have so richly blessed me all my life. She said, “Enjoy every moment!”. When frustrations come my way, I work to let go of the feeling of frustration and focus on loving whatever event is occurring and remind myself that I am to observe the experience and ask, “What did I intend to learn from this?” – I have learned to treasure even those moments.

I consider myself blessed and rich on many levels – Not the least of which is the large number of people I consider to be my friends. I have close friends and family I see on a regular basis as well as friends I have never met in the flesh. They are all beautiful to me, and my experiences with each of them brings me more happiness than I could have ever imagined. May YOU become one of those rich blessings in my life!