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Keys To Live HappyWhat if learning how to navigate through life’s struggles and remain happy is why we are alive?

One of the most important keys to live happy is for us to identify our dreams and passions that drive us. The second is to learn how to follow them and communicate them clearly. This one thing will bring abundance of wealth and health!

This site has many of my own stories about how to do just that. Please use the SEARCH option (the magnifying glass in the upper right or in the footer) on this site to find any key words you wish to find. Click here to jump to the footer Search box.

It is my intention to find all people who want to live their dreams at any stage in life to truly enjoy the journey – and then help them learn and practice the habits that bring success in bringing true happiness into their own lives, their family and friends’ lives, and everyone they touch throughout their lifetime.

Randy Martinsen ProfileRemember, the DESTINATION is not “the thing”, the JOURNEY is “the thing”! We must learn to enjoy the journey and be present in every moment throughout the journey. The end result may be a worthy goal or object, but what matters is HOW we got there! My mother’s last words were, “Enjoy every moment”. I strive to do that every day despite the challenges and hardships I face. It’s not easy, but the habits are simple. I hope to help you learn them and practice them until your dreams become your reality!

My primary focus on this site is to help people learn and implement the habits of happiness I have discovered and practiced that have made an enormous impact on my life. You can read my Keys To Live Happy here: Habits of Happiness

Randy Martinsen’s Profile

Randy’s Personal Philosophy

Note: You will find many other people who teach (and have taught) the same things I write about on this BLOG, including: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Shetty, Dr. Wayne W Dyer, Prince E A and many others. We all believe this information will change the world as we know it today and make it a more peaceful place to live.



Keys To Live Happy — 7 Comments

  1. I loved my chart Randy did for me. Very informative and spot on, on several topics that pertain to me. Would highly recommend getting one.

  2. I have got my chart and it’s absolutely amazing! I am so amazed of Randy’s read! Great job .. many thanks to you pure soul

  3. For more than 15 years Randy Martinsen is telling me that I will touch millions of lives. I used to take it as a compliment, thank him, and wonder, how I am going to do that if I can’t change my own circumstances?

    But oh boy, that was until I experienced touching a naked soul. Uhhhhh, it’s an indescribable feeling that makes me literally melt. I don’t want to touch personas or psychics, just pure naked souls. When you drop your biased ego and get emotionally, energetically, and spiritually naked, only then you will encounter souls that are ready to undress themselves willingly, showing their magnificent beauty as well as their wounds and vulnerability. Trust me you will see wonders, whether this soul is incarcerated in a human form or any other creature.

    Experiencing a stray animal that let go of its survival instincts and cuddle with you because it felt secure with you, a stranger who opens his/her heart once he/she sees you and trust you as they knew you since forever, a look that full of love in the eyes of a close friend, the administration in the look of a new acquaintance, a hug that full of care from a beloved person or even a simple touch can deliver trillion of unuttered words.

    Nudity is not only physical and not a bad thing, it means that you accept yourself the way you are. You are confident and open, you are genuine and not trying to hide behind material possessions or status. I remember when I first heard Randy is still a friend that she is a beautiful soul the sentence caught me.

    In two separate incidents today I witnessed a stray cat and a stranger that were gazing at me with eyes that speak, full of wonders, love, and admiration, with a very relaxed smile on their faces. I felt loved by the love that consumes. I felt the presence of my own aura despite of that I am going through the dark night of my soul and I am in my worst days. I can’t more proud of being my naked self. I am grateful for those moments that make me feel truly alive and push me further every day from fake forms of life.

    I came to this earth as a soul that want to excperice the core of life not to pretend or merely exist. Buddhism taught me a lot. And as Buddha says a day that full of live for an enlightened man is better than 100 years of mere existence.

  4. I’ve never had a mentor like you. The depth of your caring and sharing knows no bounds. Your humility, while it is a part of you that is very touching, belies the difference you have made in the lives of those you have touched. Your focus on Happiness has moved my own focus of Kindness and Passion to be more inclusive and include more Happiness. You are too humble to seek the Significance which is your due, but make no mistake – you make a huge difference in the lives you touch.

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