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Mordazini 2007 Vintage – Cabernet Sauvignon — 4 Comments

  1. ML fermentation is going strong. I have not had to top the wine in the barrel as frequently as I am the other two barrels (2007 Merlot, and 2006 Syrah).

    Jim helped me transfer the 2.5 gallons of wine from the carboy into 1-gallon jugs yesterday evening. I am keeping the partially filled jug topped off with CO2 gas each time I open it to keep the oxygen off the wine. I’ll use these for topping all barrels for the next few months.

  2. Today, Saturday, October 27, 2007, we racked the wine from the fermentation tanks to the barrel.

    Thanks to Anton, I was able to obtain 2 more barrels from Robert Mondavi Winery (I picked them up on Thursday morning). They also gave me an older, rusty rack to put them on. Jim painted the rack with Rustolium early this morning, and we put both of the newer barrels on the rack against the South/East wall next to the cabinets. THANK YOU Anton & Jim!!!

    We rented a 45 gallon press today instead of the 50 gallon press we have rented in the past, and because we left the wine on the must (skins) 2 weeks after fermentation it was much easier to press today.

    We extracted 62 gallons of wine, so we filled the barrel and have 2 gallons for topping later. I still have 26 gallons of Merlot in carboy’s (6.5 gallon glass jugs), so There is plenty of topping wine for racking both of the vintages made this year.

    New barrels - purchased 10/24/07.

    The pH for the Cab is 4.04, and alcohol is aproximately 14.5% so I purchased some special ML starter at the wine store to start the malolactic fermentation.

    I topped the partially filled carboy with CO2 gas to keep the oxygen off the wine, and cleaned up everything before returning the press and the bin loaned to me by Frank.

  3. Several days since making an entry, but not a lot to report outside of the routine punch-down every 6 hours until fermentation stopped on Monday, the 15th of Oct. I then began a routine of punch-down every 12 hours and put 10 seconds of CO2 gas on each of the 3 tanks after punch-down.

    The color is good, but not the deep (almost black/purple) color a Cab should be. I have learned that here in the Napa Valley the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have not yet been harvested from most vineyards because it had not ripened fully due to unusual rainfall and cooler days. This is a VERY LATE harvest year for those grapes, so I should have waited.

    The smell on this vintage in the first 4 days had a fairly strong sulphur smell, but after that cleared the smell was good. It already tastes better than my 2005 Syrah (still aging in the barrel).

    Due to the rain and cold I kept the heat on in the garage until fermentation was over, and removed the heater on Monday. The average temperature in the garage has been 65F since removing the heat. I plan to leave the must on the skins until a week from this Saturday in the hope of adding some character to the wine.

    Anton has arranged for me to obtain 2 more barrels from Robert Mondavi winery next week. I’m not sure where I’m going to put them in the wine cellar, but I’ll figure it out. THANKS Anton!

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