Losing Sight — 1 Comment

  1. In my last follow-up visit this past week, Dr. Huang discovered my eye-pressures were extremely elevated, so he gave me drops to reduce the pressure, and told me to come back in 6 weeks for another follow-up. He suspects they are elevated because of the medications I have to continue to take after the surgery to speed the healing process.

    On the bright side — I have 20/15 vision in my left eye. Yup – 20/15 – that’s BETTER than normal vision. At first I thought I was also going to be able to read without glasses, but as my eye has healed that has gone back to what it was. It turns out that the special implanted lens is not the type that can adjust for both near and far distances because of the radial keratotomy (RK) surgery I had 25 years ago to correct my near-sighted vision.

    I am so happy to see clearly again – and still deeply grateful.

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